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*****Healthcare Research.
Posted by Kaitlyn C
Knowing the Difference in Statistical Terms
Data is values collected concerning a specified subject which is under study, which can be quantitative and qualitative data. For example, weights, number of items used in research, number of people in research and so on which in this case can be the symptomatic pediatric population at risk for Fabry disease. Statistics is the use of mathematics to analyze using representations, summaries, and quantified models collected from case studies in real life or experimental data. Assuming for specified research on number of children with the Fabry disease as shown by Kästner et al. (2015) in a community of 1000 people is collected; the number of the sample size becomes the statistics. Descriptive statistic is the breaking down of data into measures such as measures of central tendencies, measures of frequency, measures of position, and measures of dispersion or variation, as a way of summarizing data collected in a sample size. In this case the summary of data is in an organized format allowing easy understanding such as the use of graphs, histograms where information is happening under frequency distribution. For example, percentage, mean, median, frequency, variance, percentile ranks of those found vulnerable to the certain disease such stroke or Fabry.Inferential statistic is the use of a section of data collected to conclude, test a hypothesis, or decide on the sample size used or overall population the sample is collected from in a study. For example, the study would allow IRB to conclude if the method of research used impact the sample about treatment. Statistical methods are the mathematical related techniques, formulas, and models that are used for any analysis used in statistics of data collected. An example of statistical methods used is comparison of symptomatic patients with inborn errors of metabolism as indicated by Kästner et al. (2015).
Kästner, B., Behre, S., Lutz, N., Bürger, F., Luntz, S., Hinderhofer, K., … Ries, M. (2015). Clinical Research in Vulnerable Populations: Variability and Focus of Institutional Review Boards’ Responses. PloS one, 10(8), e0135997.

********Educational concept
Posted by Kristen R
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is merging physical, digital and biological sphere (Bastable et al, 2019). As the revolutions have advanced, so is technology. The changes in technology is causing industries to fall due to disrupting previous educational resources but it also should be viewed as a positive change. The new technology possibilities allows more resources, breakthroughs and resources all around us. This can change the quality of how we live and learn while new methods are created all around the world and even in the classrooms. This can be used as a challenge to create new strategies and transform learning experiences for healthcare consumers and professionals (Bastable et al, 2019).
The routine for using CSI (Color, Symbol Image) is used as a form to enhance comprehension for reading, watching and listening. It allows the opportunity to think visually in a way that doesn’t completely depend on oral or written language (Color, Symbol Image Routine, n.d.). This method can be used to students to make connections to represent important ideas through colors, symbols and images. When students read an article, their thinking begins while and/or after what they’ve read to make the connections with their thoughts of what they’ve just read. Using the CSI routine, allows students to look at an image and generate the connections for what they feel best represents, opening more room for critical thinking skills. Looking at colors, symbols or images allows students to think about what they feel represents what they see, such as moods or tones of what they see.
Bastable, S., Sopczyk, D., Gramet, P., Jacobs, K., & Braungart, M. (2019). Health Professional as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
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********Educational concept
Posted by Lakendra E
There are all types of different educational technology that is available for learning. Education technology consist of information being transferred vis Phones, computers, audio, pictures or videos. (Braincert, 2015) One form of technology I found from the making thinking visual page is when a person comes up with ideas, questions or problems and place them into a bubble map, then the person comes up with the answers and place them in a wordle. net and it then creates a word cloud making it easier for people to study from. This type of learning is called Chalk Talk. I had not heard of it before but it sure seems fun to try. It seems like a mnemonic technique almost. It makes learning fun. There are all types of great educational technology that helps with learning. Take the dragon software. It helps those with disabilities to write down information by speaking into the microphone and or phone and the information that is being spoken is automatically documents. Another form of technology is Linear learning this is mostly computer-based learning where information is delivered via online books or CD’S. I think learning is best when it is visual and entertaining. I would use the ideas of Asynchronous learning. It allows the student to learn the way they know best. This is through social media, emails, blogs etc..This information is easier to manage and or keep up with. Some students have a hard time keeping up in class when the teacher is teaching. There are people asking questions and or not enough time. This way the students can go back or reread information that they did not understand, without others being aware. (Braincert, 2015) This is why I preferred online classes verses, ground. There is more time to study and read or do things at your own pace. There is just a deadline that it has to be done in.
Academy, B. C. (2015, November 2). 3 Different Types of Educational Technology. Retrieved from…
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********Educational Concept
Posted by Yesenia W
Advances in technology have been very beneficial in the classroom. My daughter is in kindergarten and her teacher communicates to the parents through email and the ClassDojo app. They even have an iPad they use for certain activities and learning tools in the classroom.
Socrative is system that I have not used before and believe it would be a beneficial tool in the classroom (Ritchhart, 2008). Socrative is a system that allows teachers to create exercises and games that can be played with using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. It allows both teacher and student to become interactive with learning in a stimulating way. The teacher can see the results of the activities and/or games then can change lessons according to the results. It allows for a more personalized lesson plan (Ritchhart, 2008).
Another great use of technology that I have not used in this HSA program is webinars and webcasts. A webinar or webcast can be an online meeting or presentation that is held online it can be live or recorded to be viewed at any time (Bastable, 2012). Typically, they are presented as an online event. It can connect people from all over the world. I have attended many webinars for continuing education courses that are required for my job but not in this program. Webinars and webcasts have been very beneficial for me in my career as it allows me to brush up on certain things that I do not use or do often and it allows me to learn about other topics that I am interested in that I am not as knowledgeable in. Webinars allows for the student to have visual platform and some of the webcasts are live which allows for real-time interaction with the speaker. Webinars can be helpful for certain topics that were not thoroughly discussed in a lecture. Registration is required for most webinars which in return allows for the student to receive a certificate of completion or for the teacher to keep track of the students who have attended or watched. Webinars also allows for a better understanding of a topic. Maybe a student did not quite understand during class but can watch webinars to get a better grasp of the concept. I specifically like the flexibility a webinar gives. I cannot always attend live webcasts but most of them are recorded to be watched when the student is ready.
Bastable, S. B., Gramet, P., Jacobs, K., & Sopczyk, D. (2012). Health professional as educator: Principles of teaching and learning, Chapter 13: Technology in Education. Boston, MA. ISBN: 978128413273
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******Crisis Intervention This response need to be 150 words minimum
Posted by ronda f
The movie I decided to write on that really touched me was name Blue Babies. It’s about a black surgeon named Vivien Thomas. He started out as a janitor and became close friends with the surgeon of the facility where he was working. Over a period of time the surgeon got attached to Vivien and started showing and guiding him on what to do as a surgeon. Vivien paid close attention to what the doctor was showing him and started studying and reading books on his own to better himself in working with the doctor. In the process Vivien became very good at the surgical procedures; he even started experimenting with ways to assist the babies born blue from the lack of oxygen their heart wasn’t producing for the babies to live. He came up with a brilliant idea for a procedure to work to save the babies, but because he was African American he was unable to receive the accreditation that he deserved, and the surgeon took the credit. The surgeon was very fond of Vivien and he allowed Vivien to assist with surgery even complete surgeries on some of the newborns. Even though publicly he couldn’t receive his recognition, everyone knew and respected him and his knowledge. Even when the surgeon died, they allowed Vivien to stay and execute the procedure and they allowed him to teach up-and-coming new surgeons. Before it was all over, they recognized Vivien as a surgeon and gave him his accreditation without him going to college but from years of experience and the multiple students he educated and the fact his invention saved many infants by him doing what he enjoyed and loved. Even though he was not acknowledged, time and the love of others let him know it was not done in vain.
How does this have anything to do with the case study? It shows that sometimes what is going on at the time is not appropriate but if you stay focused and continue on the right track of focusing on yourself and doing what you love from the heart, it will all come together. Even though they were evicted, it gave them the opportunity to be educated and to learn to love themselves and work as a team for everyone to be a success. Vivien Thomas – Wikipedia › wiki › Vivien Thomas

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