the diversity factors plan

The Diversity Factors Plan: Effective management of diversity, including cultural diversity, involves identifying and addressing the ‘human factors’ relevant to your general business and specific project processes. Write an ‘Executive Summary’ (narrative) of not more than two (2) pages in length, regarding the importance of the ‘Diversity Factors Plan.’ Include in your discussion answers to each of the following questions.

 What are the benefits for organizations that factors diversity into decision-making, planning, and operations…?

 Why are ‘Organizational Factors’ important to the organization…?

 Why are ‘Compliance Factors’ important to the organization…?

 Why are ‘Market Factors’ important to the organization…?

In this assignment, you will be articulating an understanding of the use of this tool (the ‘Diversity Factors Matrix,’) to inform and facilitate the building of the ‘Diversity Factors Plan’ for managing cultural diversity. Discuss the three key factors of this plan as you understand them.

the diversity factors matrix are in the attached file, please learn the categories before writing the essay


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