the us foreign policy in the middle east.

Need an research paper on the us foreign policy in the middle east. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Every country within the Middle East has felt the influence of the US despite the long distance separating the two regions. During the 20th century, US interventions including the friendly diplomatic overtures and the war on its peak were provoked by strategic interests and competitions. The war that prevailed in the Persian Gulf saw the unleashing of contradictory, yet powerful forces within the Middle East. At that time, the US had a policy of outwitting Hussein Saddam, with a notion of enhancing stability in the region, strengthening moderates and discrediting radicalism. From another perspective, the seeds of oncoming turbulence and resentments were bound to the war. At that time, there was an urgency for the existence of democratic governments. Similarly, Islamic forces in nearly all countries in the Middle East had an impetus. The first Gulf War was characterized by an eight-year struggle that prevailed between Iran and Iraq. During this struggle, necessity drove Iraq into a consensus with the Arab moderates who were then, friends of the US. Eventually, this step assured the isolation of Syria from the US debacle in Lebanon, despite seeing the re-entry of Egypt back into the Arab fold. When the Gulf War ceased in 1988, the state affairs of the region were flown apart considerably. Given that the war ended a long time ago, can the trends of this times of astronomical fluidity be shaped by the US? Democracy is slowly surfacing in the Middle East as the influence of the US foreign policy is slowly fading off (Bar 43).
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