uop law 421 week 4 5


Week Four Discussion Questions- 150 words each




DUE WED 5/7 BY 3pm CST: How does the UCC define a good? How does the UCC define a merchant? How are the UCC requirements different for a merchant versus a nonmerchant? Provide examples.

DUE FRI 5/9 by 5pm CST: What are the UCC principles of good faith and reasonableness to sales contracts? What are the different ways that title transfers under UCC Article 2? Which party bears the risk? What distinguishes a sale on approval, sale on consignment, and sale or return under UCC Article 2?

DUE FRI 5/9 by 5pm CST: What are the remedies for contract breach available under UCC Article 2? What are the types of warranties available under UCC Article 2? How do you differentiate between implied and express warranties under UCC Article 2? Provide examples.

2. Week Five Discussion Questions- 150 words each

DUE SAT 5/17 by 5pm CST: Section 22-5, “White-Collar Crime,” in Ch. 22 addresses several forms of white-collar crime including that of the Ponzi scheme. Also in that section is a “Business Ethics Perspective” vignette titled “Epic Fraud: Bernie Madoff’s Multibillion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme.” What does this example tell you about business ethics and the need for criminal penalties in order to regulate business?

DUE Sun 5/18 by 5pm CST: What are the elements of a crime? What are some examples of crimes that do not require scienter? What constitutes criminal conduct according to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (1970)? What are the consequences of engaging in these activities? Provide examples.

DUE SUN 5/18 5pm CST: What are some examples of ethical decision making that occur in your past or present job or industry? What are some of the challenges to business ethics faced in today’s business environment? Provide examples.

3. Week 5 LAW/421 Final examination questions DUE Sun 5/18 5pm CST


4. INDIVIDUAL assignment below DUE 5/9/14 3pm CST




Case Scenario: Graphic Communications Inc.

Read the “Theory to Practice” section at the end of Chapter 8 of the text, “Graphic Communications Inc.”   This is located on Page 202 in Chapter 8.  
 Answer Questions 1 through 7 based on the scenario in the “Theory to Practice” section.  Your response can be EITHER a written paper which is a minimum of 1,250 words in total; or 
ALTERNATIVELY  you may create and submit a 3 to 5 minute video response to the seven questions, as though you were explaining the case and its implications to the CEO of the company, by uploading a video to your YouTube account or other video sharing website and posting a simple document in the Assignments Tab indicating that you have chosen the video option, providing a URL link to the video, and citing your references.  Both the video and the document must be posted by the deadline to be considered on time.
Format you paper according to APA requirements
Provide at least two outside references besides the textbook used in answering the questions. 

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