utilizing plastic flooring tiles to produce light weight concrete.

Write 22 pages thesis on the topic utilizing plastic flooring tiles to produce light weight concrete. Plastic floor tiles have been partially replaced with coarse aggregate to the cement cubes and examined for compressive strength, slump test, fresh and dry densities after a curing duration of about 7, 17, 28 days. The results clarified the efficiency of utilizing plastic tiles as coarse aggregate through the partial substitute of conventional concrete by 25% and 50% &nbsp.75% and 100% of coarse aggregate with a cement/ water ratio of 0.55 for each cube, all cubes were cast and examined. So the recommendation used in this research is to encourage the idea of utilizing plastic floor tiles as a construction substance as a replacement for coarse aggregate.
There is usually an incredibly high demand for using concrete as an essential material for constructing structural materials and this relates to concrete durability and workability characteristics. But on the other hand, when using concrete, additional steel-reinforced will apply and this will result in increasing dead loads imposed on the structure of the building. This aid in emerging the idea of utilizing lightweight aggregate as a kind of lightweight concrete and as a solution for reducing the total dead load which is imposed on a building, particularly for the building which is considered relatively high.
The useful idea of utilizing waste material helps in minimizing problems that are related to processes of managing solid waste (Davis and Cornwell, 1998). Generally, there are many advantages derived from utilizing waste for the second time such as. it assists in strengthen Non-renewable natural resources, sustain and recycle procedures handle with energy production, in addition, it helps in minimizing air and environmental pollution. Wastes and by-products are materials considered as helpful resources that could be used for specific applications.

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