write 2000 word in depth research paper on the artwork of judy chicago using the chicago style on the bibliography and in text citation at least 5 sources

Below are the professors instructions please read them carefully:


Research Paper Requirements:

Research Paper Requirements:

You will be required to write a 2000 word (double spaced) research paper about an artistic topic you find interesting as long as it relates to material covered in the class. The paper must be properly footnoted, and submitted with a bibliography which states a minimum of 4 sources, and is written according to a college level writing manual. I will not accept any papers WITHOUT properly cited sources.
Please consult a writing manual, talk to someone in the writing center.

Consult this web link: Writing About Art – A general guideline, which you need to adjust to this course, so clearly material from the Rococo through contemporary Art. http://writingaboutart.org/pages/appendix2.html

The internet can be used as a source to get to article sources found through your electronic library catalogue. If you choose the internet as source material, please provide me with the exact URLs of the pages from which you have taken your information.

Otherwise cite books, or articles as is suggested in the writing guide to which I have linked you above.

THE COMPLETED PAPERS ARE DUE at the end of WEEK 9 or anytime before.
If your paper is one week late you will be graded down one letter grade. NO papers are accepted during final’s week!

Paper Topics:
The research topic should be something you find interesting and should reach beyond what has been adressed in your text, or in class. Even if you choose an artist or art work that we have already disccussed in class, try to take your research beyond what we already know. The purpose of your paper is to inform the reader of the artist or the art work or the artistic period in context of its time in a convincing voice, assuming that the reader knows little or nothing about your topic. Please remember that conjecture is not an option. Your focus must be on the art as seen in context of social, political, or religious concerns. Stay within the era we are studying in this course!!! Periods: from the Rococo through contemporary Art.

Images: To further make you point, include some images of the art or architecture. Small format will do. The images or image sources will not count in the word count. (imagine your book without images…)

Footnotes or Paranthetical?
Whenever you read a passage from a book, which you find useful in your paper, you must re-write it with your own words, and then cite the source from where the information came. For general citations, you must cite the source every time you use it showing each page used. For example, our textbook “Gardners Art throughout the Ages ” pg. 135, and 187 are two different source pages that must be cited.

If you choose to quote someone directly, you must cite the precise source immediately after the citation.

i.e. “Cogito, ergo, sum – I think, therefore I am.” here you insert the footnote which shows as a small number next to the quote and appears at the bottom of your page (your computer does it for you) or you can use parenthetical notes, such as this: (Descartes: Discourse on Methods, 1637), meaning you place the citation in paranthesis after the quote.

CAUTION: Direct citations can only be used to underscore a point you are making and cannot be longer than a sentence, or very short paragraph. DO NOT quote entire pages. You must paraphrase!

A paper withou properly documented sources will be considered plagiarized. Also, if you do not cite your sources I will not accept your paper. You will have a chance to re-write it, but the paper will be considered late.

Additionally, you are required to prepare a bibliography showing all sources used in your paper. This is different from the citation. Please consult the research paper guide from the URL noted above to learn about the difference.

I realize that these requirements might be a bit strict in terms of writing the paper. However, trust me that I am actually doing you a favor by requiring proper citations as you will have to continually apply this in all of your college writing assignments. It’s actually very easy and helps you be organized.

There is plenty of help around for you to be absolutely successful in writing a research paper. PSU has a Writing Center, the URL from above, and of course there is always me.

SUBMIT YOUR PAPER TO ME VIA THE DROP BOX SYSTEM OF THIS CLASS IN A WORD FORM DOCUMENT and put your word count on the top. You can save your paper as a pdf in the save option of word. PDFs are not limited to size so they usually open!

——————————————————- End of professors instructions:

Use this outline please feel free to edit it though:

The artwork of Judy Chicago

For example


General info about her (250)

Body 1

Write in depth about The Dinner Party artwork (500)

Body 2

Write in depth about the Rainbow Pickett (500)

Body 3

Write in depth about the Birth Trinity artwork (500)


Summarize the mine point in the paper (250)

Bibliography, chicago style


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