Write a one-page, double-spaced response to the following prompts. Your respons

Write a one-page, double-spaced response to the followingprompts. Your response should be written to showcase yourcollegiate writing skills by abiding by utilizing appropriateparagraph structure and grammar. Don’t forget to cite yoursources!1. Should policing by reformed, defunded, or abolished?2. Why?3. Draw on at least five course materials when writingyour explanation.Example text:Policing should be XXX because…Author 1 states… Similarly, Author 2 describes how … At itsfoundation, we have learned that policing is .– I HAVE INCLUDED A LOT OF ARTICLES, PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION IN YOUR OWN OPINION, YOU HAVE ALL THE ARTICLES ATTACHED TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERR, BUT PLEASE ONLY USE ARTICLE I ATTACHED. MUST USE 5 FOR YOUR RESPONSE, PLEASE CITE..

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