write an article on Induction Training Process provided by UK Manufacturer

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Induction Training Process provided by UK Manufacturer. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Induction can be defined as the process of integrating somebody into an organization or making one a part of a new setting (Dransfield and Needham, 2015). This, however, is yet to be effectively implemented in many organizations. Parry (1993) claims that the majority of the companies do not pay much attention to the issue of induction yet it is essential for the leaders of the companies to remember that all the employees are to be informed about all the features of the work process. Many organizations believe that employees will learn on their own volition, which is one of the reasons many organizations ask for experience before they hire a new employee. The other reason why some organizations avoid induction costs since they feel that they are diverting funds meant for core business or into training or that they are cutting down on the profit margins by engaging in employee induction (Rankin, 2009). Effective induction is a very important aspect of the employee integration process. The process itself differs from one industry to another and also from one company to another. In some jurisdictions, induction is, in fact, a legal requirement especially in circumstances in which safety and health of the employee, his colleagues, the customers or the public could be at risk if the employee is not properly informed of certain aspects (Mohring, 2013). Induction is required for a number of reasons, among them availing the right information to the new employee so as to ensure maximum productivity and also, in cases where this applies, to fulfill the legal requirements. A well-conducted induction process reduces the stress anxiety that comes with a new work environment and enhances a positive feeling about the new job, a crucial component in enabling a new employee to achieve their full potential (Mohring, 2013). Induction involves both mentoring and training and varies from a few days in some organizations to several months in others. &nbsp.Induction ensures that an employee fully understands the requirements of the new work environment, and also enhances such an aspect as safety and job satisfaction. It gas in fact been said to be one of the factors that increase employee retention in an organization (Mohring, 2013). Alexander Dennis Limited is one of the biggest and most successful manufacturers of buses and coaches in the United Kingdom (alexander-dennis.com, 2016). The firm has more than 2000 employees on all its facilities, some of which are spread across the world, with manufacturing or assembly plants in Asia and America (alexander-dennis.com, 2016). The growth of the company has been impressive, with both sales and profits have risen notably over the years they have been in existence. The firm’s products have become popular with a sizeable percentage of the market faithfully buying their products (Shakespeare 2011). In fact, the firm has been voted the fastest growing coach and bus manufacturer in Western Europe (alexander-dennis.com, 2016). With such a high number of employees, it is only natural that there will always be employees leaving and new ones getting hired, which provides a good candidature for the study of how effective the employee integration is. The firm is, therefore, a good choice for the case study on employee integration processes, and the findings will be applicable in understanding the requirements of employee integration. This study is important in assessing the effectiveness of the induction process at Alexander and Dennis. with a view to establishing the effectiveness and impact of the process to the employees and the firm. Induction, as discussed above, takes up a big fraction of the time and resources of a company. and it is important that a detailed study is done to determine if the firm is getting value for money and also to find out any areas that may need adjustment.
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